Consulting, Development and Integration

Do you also want full control and flexibility with your CRM System?

Then you have found the right CRM with SuiteCRM.

I help you with System Implementation, Integration, and Training.

suitecrm open source crm

SuiteCRM has been my open-source CRM System of choice for many years.
In over 15 years of CRM Projects, SuiteCRM puts itself at a top position.
Open Source, Flexibility, Integrability, and Data Sovereignty are unique to SuiteCRM.

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SuiteCRM is a unique CRM system!
There is no other Open Source System with a similar scope of features.

Open, flexible, trustworthy, entirely under your control.

Even compared to Salesforce, SuiteCRM performs well.

SuiteCRM Features

All Master Data, Processes, and Other Functions in One System.

Quotes, Invoices, Contracts, Customer Service, Calendars, Documents, Projects, and more.
I help you with the Installation, Implementation, and Development of SuiteCRM.

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Bastian Hammer

SuiteCRM is the undisputed global leader in the OpenSource space with features.
Flexible, open, full control for efficient work.

Bastian Hammer

SuiteCRM quickly ready for use

SuiteCRM can even be installed alongside your website. All modules are pre-configured and ready for you right after installation.

Everything runs in your environment and you have full control over what happens to your data.

suitecrm installation hosting
suitecrm open source database

SuiteCRM is open

Unlimited Fields, Links, Workflows, API Requests, Modules, Users!

Your data is under your control! All requirements can be realized in/with SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM continues to evolve

The CRM continues to be developed by the community and by the developer himself. The step to SuiteCRM 8 brought the system technologically far forward.

There are also Plug-ins, Connectors, and Integrations.

suitecrm entwicklung roadmap

Consulting, Development, Integration, and Training

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I work with you to identify your goals and challenges.

Based on this, we develop the best strategy for your CRM deployment. Regardless of how far you already are with CRM.

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