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If you want to be even more successful with your E-Commerce business, then you’ve come to the right place! With the help of data, technology, expert knowledge, and experience I will help you.

I offer 22 years of experience and growing expertise for your brand. I support you and your teams with growth strategies, lead generation, and customer retention.

To do this, I rely on data analysis, new technologies, and experience across the entire customer journey.

Bastian Hammer


The Ultimate Guide to a Better Conversion Rate!

Whether you’re just getting started with CRO or already have double-digit conversion rates and want to optimize further.
Here in the CRO Hub, you will find all the information you need.

cro conversion rate optimization

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Consulting and Project Management

In projects that are tailored to you and your company, I accompany you and your teams.

Contact me for a free initial consultation.

More Profit

Your customers expect a digital, multichannel experience, even before they first contact you!

Convince early with a great online store and get more customers.

Satisfied Customers

Integrated data and software, fewer errors, planned and thoughtful communication.

Convince with quality in customer-oriented processes and top ratings.

Higher Productivity

Matching and integrated software and automation of tasks.

Increase the productivity of your employees with digital and innovative processes.

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