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Why the website?

On you will find experiences and expert knowledge about e-commerce. With tips in the Blog, Online-Courses, and Info-Hubs you can sell your products better online.

Bastian Hammer

About Bastian Hammer

In my 20+ years in the online business, I have gained a lot of experience.

E-commerce in combination with technologies, marketing, logistics, and merchandise management. Included were stores for B2C and B2B as well as stores for products and for services.

In these projects, I learned a lot and made and saw many mistakes!

That’s why I share tips, tricks, and insights with you in my Blog, in the Online Courses, and in the Info-Hubs.

Experience abroad

I lived in Asia and the USA for over ten years. E-Commerce is indeed different in countries like China, Malaysia, and Vietnam than it is here. Even in the USA, there are clear differences to D-A-CH.

During my time in Asia and America, I was lucky enough to work on exciting projects. There I was able to gain additional experience.

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