Marketing Automation

Your leads are valuable!
Treat them accordingly with automatically adjusted communication. This works with marketing automation software.
Finally, your leads feel addressed, understood, and in good hands!

What is your goal?

Your Marketing Automation

Your Marketing Automation allows you and your teams to tailor communications and journeys to each prospect.

It goes far beyond Newsletters with the possibilities: white-paper downloads, webinars, landing pages, contact segments, and much more!

Generate More Leads with better (and automated) interaction. Qualify Leads automatically and Integrate your Marketing Automation with your systems like E-Commerce and CRM.

Generate More Leads

More Requests for Your Products and Services

So you want more inquiries, more prospects for your products and services?
With Marketing Automation you can generate them!

Guide your prospects through the research process before they buy.
Always offer the right content at the right time. And do it automatically with your marketing automation software.

They generate more inquiries due to the improved user experience.

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The right content, at the right time!
This brings real added value for visitors who then also make inquiries.

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More Leads, More Prospects, More Inquiries

Do you have a content map that aligns your content with your personas and their customer journey? Now provide the personas with suitable options.

These can be assets such as videos, white papers, webinars, and the like, or surveys and contact forms.

At any point in the customer journey, the complete interaction history for contact is visible. You know exactly where your prospect is at the moment and can pick them up there.

Marketing Automation for E-Commerce

For E-Commerce, the exact same thing is usually true.
They work more with landing pages, the sales cycles are usually shorter and the targets are newsletter signups and orders.

Everything described above can be used for E-Commerce as well as for B2B and B2C products and services.

Are you interested in Marketing Automation in E-Commerce?

Better Leads for Your Sales

Marketing Automation for Better Inquiries

The marketing automation software stores the behavior of your visitors in history. Based on the behavior, the marketing automation divides your visitors into appropriate segments.

The previous journey has already provided your visitors with suitable content. Now, when an inquiry comes from a prospect, they are already better informed and qualified than with traditional contact forms.

Furthermore, you can see the history and other details of a contact.

On the E-Commerce side, the goals here can be the opposite!

Maybe you want to achieve fewer inquiries, especially in aftersales, but at the same time increase customer satisfaction?

Marketing Automation can also help you with this. Provide your customers with the right information at the right time, even after they have placed their order.

Integration of Your Marketing Automation with Other Software

Integration of your Marketing Automation

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Nowadays, the software can only be used meaningfully if it is integrated and talks to other software!
Integrate all systems and use automation based on data.

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A classic example of Marketing Automation integration is E-Commerce and CRM!

Marketing Automation should always provide your visitors with the best possible content. Your visitors and prospects will always stay in your store for this purpose.

After the purchase, you naturally want to see in your CRM which behavior led to the purchase decision. Accordingly, all historical data from marketing automation is also in the CRM system.

Then, when a customer contacts you via chat, email, or phone, your customer service team has a good overview and can help in the best possible way.

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