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Do you want a full-featured E-Commerce System?

Then you have made the right choice with Magento.

I help you with Optimization and Integration.

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Magento is characterized by the fact that you can cover many business cases with it. With E-Commerce as a core competence, you get a flexible system with many features. In over 20 years of E-Commerce projects, Magento stands out as the right store system as your needs grow.

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Magento comes with some special features. The multi-shop option allows you to create different stores based on the same product data. This is helpful if you want to create niche stores for parts of your product range.

Customer Groups, Price Groups, Elastic Server, Multilingual, Multiple Currencies, and much more!

Magento is designed for growth. If you are on a growth path, Magento is the store software for you!


Due to the wide distribution of Magento, you will find a lot of plug-ins, interfaces, and integration possibilities. Magento is supported by many Vendors for Shipping, Inventory Management, CRM, and Marketing Automation.

In addition, Magento offers an API that allows you to use it headless for web apps or smartphone apps.

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Integration is essential in a well-functioning E-Commerce company!
I help you with Magento Consulting, Implementation, Synchronization and Data Analysis with suitable solutions.

Bastian Hammer

One Platform for Many Requirements

Even if you offer different sales channels, all of them are in multiple languages. In addition, special stores for B2B and others for B2C. And besides, use niche stores for brands.

Magento can do that! With only one platform you have the possibility to create multiple stores with different requirements, prices, and view options.

Even though the interfaces, it is possible to use Magento Open Source for web apps, customer portals, and apps.

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Warehouse Management and Reports

Magento has warehouse management, reports, and filters built right in. Take the opportunity to let Magento manage your warehouse. If your store system manages all orders, then the quantities in the warehouse also fit. If this is no longer sufficient, I will help you to integrate your Magento with your ERP / enterprise resource planning.

Magento continues to Evolve

The store system is constantly being further developed. New features are often developed based on user feedback and rolled out in updates.

Meanwhile, Adobe updates the Magento open-source version at the same time as Adobe Commerce. The difference is only in the modules and the feature set.

Adobe makes upgrades for Magento 2 predictable.

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Magento Consulting, Optimization and Integration

I work with you to identify your goals and challenges.

Based on this, we develop the best strategy for your Magento store. Regardless of how far you already are in E-Commerce.

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