Consulting, Development and Integration

Do you also want automated and customized marketing processes?

Then you have found the right Marketing Automation Software with Mautic.

I help you with System Implementation, Integration, and Training.

Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic offers a unique range of functions in the open-source package. This marketing automation supports you and your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

In various projects with and without E-Commerce focus, Mautic convinces with Features, Price, and Familiarization.

Mautic Features
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My experience with Mautic shows that this software is a clear frontrunner in the marketing automation environment without licensing costs.

No other software offers a similar range of functions with comparable data sovereignty.

Over 200,000 companies successfully use Mautic to be even more successful with their campaigns.

Contacts: Nurturing & Tracking

With Mautic you have many possibilities to optimize lead nurturing.

Through detailed tracking, you (and Mautic) can decide on the appropriate next steps for your visitors and prospects.

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Mautic offers flexibility for all master data and an API for integration with your CRM and E-Commerce systems.
Flexible, powerful, and your data stays with you!

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With Mautic, you build your Marketing Campaigns the way it fits your Marketing Plan.

All elements in your campaign react flexibly and individually to the behavior of your prospects.

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Landing Pages & Assets

Create Landing Pages, White Papers, PDF Checklists, and other Assets.

Use A/B testing and reporting with details about your asset downloads


Mautic integrates with your existing systems via API, webhooks, and plugins. This way you synchronize your data automatically.

Only through integration can the potential in your data be fully exploited across departments.

Mautic Integration API

Consulting, Development and Integration

I work with you to identify your business, goals, and challenges.

Based on this, we develop the best strategy for your Mautic deployment. Regardless of how far you already are with Mautic and Marketing Automation.

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