Consulting, Optimization and Integration

Do you want a simple E-Commerce system with which you can quickly achieve success?

Then you have made the right choice with WooCommerce.

I help you with Optimization and Integration.

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WooCommerce stands out because it allows you to create great stores with little effort. You can easily implement your ideas, features, and content. In over 20 years of E-Commerce projects, WooCommerce stands out as a simple and solid store software.

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WooCommerce is the most used store software in the world. This spread is related to the simplicity that the system brings.

For startups as well as niche stores and medium-sized online retailers, WooCommerce is a good choice.

And the trend will continue: If you want to combine user experience with unique content and a great shopping experience, your best bet is WooCommerce.


Due to the wide distribution of WooComerce, you can find lots of plugins, interfaces, and integration possibilities. WooCommerce is supported by many providers for shipping, inventory management, CRM, and Marketing Automation.

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Bastian Hammer

Integration is essential for growing E-Commerce businesses!
I help you with the Implementation, Synchronization, and Data Analysis with suitable solutions.

Bastian Hammer

WooCommerce + WordPress

Nowadays you can only be found in search engines with your store if you convince Google with content.

WooCommerce is a plugin for the popular CMS WordPress. The ability to create great content you get accordingly built right in with WooCommerce.

You will also benefit from the many themes, plugins, and solutions that are available for WordPress when you choose WooCommerce.

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Stock Management and Reports

WooCommerce has inventory management and reports built right in. Take the opportunity to let WooCommerce manage your warehouse. If your store system manages all orders, then the quantities in the warehouse will also fit.

The reports you get directly in the store admin area give you quick information about the most important business figures. Always have all orders, sales and profit in view!

WooCommerce continues to evolve

The store system is constantly being further developed. New features are often developed based on user feedback and rolled out in updates.

Due to the close interaction of WordPress and WooCommerce, you also benefit from WordPress updates.

The developers are always striving to make the systems easier, faster, and more powerful.

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Consulting, Optimization and Integration

I work with you to identify your goals and challenges.

Based on this, we commonly develop the best strategy, for your WooCommerce store. Regardless of how far you already are in E-Commerce.

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