Automate your Marketing with Mautic

Automating marketing – but how?
Whole areas of marketing can be optimized. In this article, you’ll learn some ideas about how to automate your Marketing with Mautic.

If your company does not yet use marketing automation software, there is certainly still potential to strengthen your marketing!


Automate Marketing
Automated Individualization and Personalization
Customer Support Effort

e-commerce marketing automation

There is now software that can automate marketing processes for your individual customers, depending on their preferences.

We are talking about marketing automation software. If you search for this keyword, you will find various providers who have developed SaaS solutions for this purpose.

In this chapter, I will only talk about Mautic. It is open-source software that is far ahead of many others in terms of functionality.

Mautic hilft beim Marketing automatisieren

Automate Marketing

Automate your Marketing with Mautic – a practical example

Let me give you some examples from an implemented project. The customer is an online retailer with a turnover of around 1.5 million euros, just under 4000 SKUs, four different product lines, just under 300 products developed in-house and the rest standard goods from wholesalers and licensed goods (from various brands/manufacturers).
In total, there are five sales channels (Amazon, Ebay, own stores).

The personnel situation in sales/support was as follows: one or at most two people sat in the office. They checked orders and, if it was assumed that there was a demand, made upsells by telephone.

To optimize marketing, we have introduced Mautic. The installation on the own server takes only a few minutes. Also the integration into the existing websites is not particularly difficult.

Automated Individualization and Personalization

Automated individualization and personalization of e-mails

Then it was time to set up the marketing processes. Depending on the product ordered, different emails should now be sent.

Mautic was able to integrate with the existing CRM system. So data from websites, from the online marketplaces, and from the CRM came together and refined the customer master data. I had worked a lot here with segments and tags that were automatically set from the integration.

The integration provided the appropriate data (products ordered, location/region of the customer, color of the product, language, etc.). With this fine segmentation of the different customers, it was now possible to target marketing very specifically and address customers according to their preferred interests.

To achieve this, we have several things in place:

  • Landing pages – these had multiple tasks such as generating upsells and informing about new offers that fit the customer preference.
  • Assets – Videos explaining how to install some ordered products.
  • Emails – For all communication with the customer.

Now an example:

Let’s assume that you have bought a blue sweater from the brand x. Then it is very likely that you might also like other products of the same brand, preferably in blue.

Using campaigns, filters, and segments, we sent out emails that were tailored to those exact interests. We noticed very quickly after the launch that these emails worked very well. We were able to increase upsells by almost 20%, depending on the product group.

Customer Support Effort

Automate Marketing – Reduce the Effort in Customer Support

At the same time, we used Mautic to send helpful content to customers. Some products required installation with preparation. After we created instructions, videos, and corresponding campaigns in Mautic, emails with instructions and videos went out to the appropriate customers who had ordered the product.

Through the integration with the shipping management software in the CRM, this data was also accessible in Mautic. So Mautic also knew that the emails with the instructions to the customers should only be sent when the package had almost arrived at the customer’s site.

Customers were extremely happy with the proactive and timely support. We have been able to increase positive reviews as a result (by up to 42% depending on the product). In addition, we were also able to reduce the amount of work in customer support, as there were fewer requests for help and complaints.

Data enables you to improve customer experience!

Have you ever sent a newsletter that did not meet your expectations?
Then it’s time to rethink here!

Data is now generated in every company. This data is either not used at all or only by the wrong department or only by one department.

Integrating your systems is essential today. Data must be available company-wide and marketing concepts must be developed using the available data.

Your customers like to be informed! And when they get the right information, they’ll be happy to come back to place their next order with you.

One fits all emails are not the right way to address e-commerce today. Personalization of emails is now implicitly expected by customers. This applies to both the personalized address and the content itself.

With Mautic, there is a solid possibility here that should be used in every company. They increase the relevance of the marketing department and its actions.

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