Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting

Even before you invest the next cent in Google, Facebook Ads, and online marketing, let us make sure your advertising budget is spent wisely! You can do that with Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting.

You already have visitors in your store!
However, not enough visitors order your products?
That’s exactly what we will change!

increase conversion rate cro

We focus on how to make your site better. Then together we look at what your customers want from your online store. We improve the customer experience of your store.

Conversion Rate Optimization – Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting – A Case Study:
1200% more orders after technology upgrade and optimized conversion rate

In January 2020, a store owner contacted me. Her delicatessen food trade in Austria has a Magento Online Store that generates only a few orders per month. She wanted to improve this situation.

We discussed the different options and compared them with their requirements.

Magento 2 was an interesting option at the time. All data was already available in Magento 1 and there are several upgrade options for the systems that migrate data quite easily.

The fact that the employees were already used to Magento was also an advantage.

However, Magento 2 is technically a bit more demanding than version 1. Server Resources, Themes, Elastic Search as an obligation from version 2.4, etc…
In addition, the new admin area looks different from the one you were used to.

Technology upgrades – most people order from smartphone

After weighing the planned changes and all the requirements, we decided to migrate to WooCommerce.

We sat down to plan and discuss the steps needed to migrate.

As with most technology upgrades, the biggest challenge is data migration.
Fortunately, there are some good tool providers that offer data migration almost at the push of a button.

Two months later, the time had finally come! The WooCommerce store in the new design was ready and online.

We have achieved several goals here at once, which should not be missing from any consultation on Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • New technology that works well on Smartphones
  • Faster Page Loading Speed

In Web Analytics, you usually see more visitors right after a major website upgrade. To build on this momentum, we decided to keep working and improve conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Long-Term Improvement

In addition to many small optimizations, there was a lot to do, which the employees implemented very well.

  • New Product Photos
  • Better Product Descriptions
  • On Site Pickup of the Goods

Google liked that the store looked so much better now and sent more and more visitors. The visitors were satisfied and reported about the store, which in turn led to more visitors.

sales increase conversion rate optimization

Within one year we were able to increase monthly orders by 1200%!

Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting

Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting – flexibly adapted to your needs

When Consulting on Conversion Rate Optimization, we go through a few stages.

#1 Audit

In this, you set details like your daily / monthly visitors. The number of orders and returns etc.

After that, an audit of your store against the German CRO Database is scheduled. Over 170 best practices will be checked against your online store.
You will receive a full report with details and examples on how to improve your conversion rate.

#2 Fast Solutions

The quick solutions are sometimes more, sometimes fewer measures that can be taken directly. Here I list everything that can be implemented mostly in House with little effort. These measures will help improve your conversion rate.

#3 Collect and Evaluate Evidence

We use Analysis software, Heat maps, Session Recordings, and Feedback to collect information about problems and optimization potential. These are then sifted through, analyzed, and evaluated.

Based on the findings, I formulate assumptions that we will test next. At any one time, only one test is executed, for example via A/B testing.

The winner is taken over and the next test is performed.

This is how we gradually increase and optimize your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization & Consulting

I make it easier for your visitors to buy something

The principle is the same for many stores:
There are enough visitors in the store, but not enough orders.

This is exactly where CRO Consulting fits best!

The focus is also the same for the vast majority of projects: Data, Technology, and Brand.

However, implementation and tactics vary from case to case.


Thorough analysis to document current state and identify highest priorities.

Eliminate Obstacles

Define easily achievable goals for initial, quick successes and eliminate the corresponding obstacles.

Customer Understanding

Gather feedback on why some people buy from you and why others don’t.


Review tech stack for optimization potential, update and define tech strategy.

Data Analysis

Couple analytics software and methods to gain correct and deep insights into user behavior.

Content Marketing

Identify options for content AND marketing. Visitors love fascinating content but need to be able to find it.

A/B Testing

Test Hypotheses via A/B Testing and optimize all areas of the store step by step.

Shopping Cart Abandonments

Use Customer Feedback and Data to bring shopping cart abandoners back into the sales process.

Build Trust

Use Customer Reviews appropriately to increase trust in your brand and products.

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