German CRO Database E-Commerce

… the best way to get your Conversion Rate, Customer Lifetime Value, and the average Shopping Cart Value to increase!

Get access to 160+ conversion and Sales strategies for E-Commerce businesses,
that increase your conversion rate and customer lifetime value increase!

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Are you unhappy with your Conversion Rate?

Does it happen to you every day?
You have visitors in your store, they fill their shopping cart. But in the end, they don’t pay but leave your store.
This is frustrating, I understand it!
That’s why I created the German CRO Database E-Commerce.

Conversion Rate Definition

Why the German CRO Database E-Commerce?

As an E-Commerce owner, you work a lot on optimal products, copy, images and invest in Social Media, Performance Marketing, and PR.

If you then have visitors in your store and they don’t convert, all that effort was a waste of time and money!

I know exactly what the problem is. Many of my customers start right there in order to achieve more profit. A professional CRO audit is worth up to 5000$ to them.

You can certainly also calculate how your profit increases when you double your orders.
In individual projects, I was able to achieve up to a 17-fold increase in orders.

sales increase conversion rate optimization

Such successes show how incredibly important it is to optimize your Conversion Rate!

After many audits, I have identified winning strategies. Strategies that reliably bring you higher Conversion Rates. Dissatisfied customers and few orders don’t help anyone.

That’s why I decided to create the German CRO Database E-Commerce.
The strategies in the CRO database have helped my clients increase their sales and profits.

The German CRO Database E-Commerce is clearly structured. You can identify the most important points for you in just a few minutes. After implementing them, you will see immediate success!

I guarantee you more customers with higher Customer Lifetime Value. If this is not the case, you will get your money back. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Bastian Hammer
Consultant for your E-Commerce, Marketing Automation, CRM, and Integration

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