21 Plugins that Increase Your WooCommerce Conversion Rate

Looking for Plugins that can increase your Conversion Rate in your WooCommerce store? Read on!

Here you can find info about 21 WooCommerce and WordPress plugins that can increase your WooCommerce conversion rate (or conversion rate).


Loading Speed
Trust Building

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WooCommerce respectively WordPress with the currently 59,287 available plugins, fortunately, offers various Plug-ins to help you with CRO.

many WordPress Plugins

You can find several approaches to optimize your conversion rate at WooCommerce Plugins.

You have a huge choice from various groups of plugins. Among them for example:

Loading Speed

WooCommerce Plugins to Optimize Website Loading Speed

The speed of your website is an extremely complex issue! Server configuration, optimized images, Javascript, and CSS behavior play a big role.

In some cases, plugins can already have a clearly measurable impact. It is best to test them in a test environment first.

Make sure that your test environment is comparable to your live environment. This is the only way to obtain meaningful results.


wp rocket wordpress plugin

“WP Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin in the world. Use it to improve your WordPress site speed, SEO rankings and conversions. No programming required.”

You will get a good plugin with WP Rocket, which can increase the speed of your WooCommerce store.

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

“W3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves your site’s SEO and user experience by increasing site performance and reducing load times by leveraging features like Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.”

Another caching plugin is W3 Total Cache. Its features also go far beyond caching.

WP-Optimize Cache

wp optimize

“WP-Optimize Cache is a revolutionary all-in-one WordPress performance plugin that caches your site, cleans your database and compresses your images.”

WP-Optimize Cache offers several ways to increase the loading speed of your store.

Automatic Platform Optimization

Cloudflare API

“Take your WordPress site performance to the next level with Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO). APO allows Cloudflare to serve your entire WordPress site from its edge network to ensure consistent, fast performance for visitors no matter where they are. Learn more in our announcement blog.”

Cloudflare offers a free CDN. Ideal to test a CDN if you have no other options directly through your hoster.


WooCommerce Plug-ins to Optimize Online Store Design

Of course, a large part of the design comes from the theme and the creative implementation. Let’s assume that you already use a very good and fast theme and that all images and graphics are optimal.

There are then still some details in the design that you can use to optimize your conversion rate.

Bonus Section: WooCommerce Theme and their Speeds

The theme itself is already crucial for the speed of your website. Of course, it is always important not to overload your design with useless elements. The longer and more complex your HTML code becomes, the slower your store will be.

However, once you have reduced and optimized all elements, there are still significant differences between different themes.


wp astra theme

Astra theme is undisputedly one of the fastest themes for WooCommerce.

In a simple installation with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Astra, this combination can get to a perfect score of 100 on Google Pagespeed without additional caching and optimization.

Design Optimization Plugins – Speed and Products

Smush Pro

wp smush

“Optimize images, turn on lazy load, resize, compress and improve your Google Page Speed with the incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress Image Smusher brought to you by the super team at WPMU DEV! Image optimization is the easiest way to make your page load super fast!”

EWWW Image Optimizer

wp ewww

“Are you frustrated by a slow website? Let EWWW Image Optimizer help you make your website faster, improve your bounce rate and boost your SEO. But most importantly, make your visitors happier so they keep coming back. With EWWW IO you can optimize all your existing images, from any plugin, and then let EWWW IO take care of new image uploads automatically.”

In any case, optimize the images you use on your website. Make sure that they are already optimized before uploading!

The person responsible for the product photos and all images on your website should be familiar with Pixels, DPI, Compression, and the different image formats.

Bastian Hammer Portrait rund

Even the best plug-in cannot completely optimize defective and technically incorrect images!

Bastian Hammer

Additionally, you can try the plug-ins mentioned above. Sometimes it is possible to reduce the image size even further without losing quality.

Yith WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

wp kunden bewertungen

“Add a histogram table to your product reviews, like you see on most trending e-commerce sites, and give users the ability to attach images to their reviews. Keep up to date with most trending products thanks to new options designed to manage an advanced review system.”

Product reviews are incredibly important! Social proof, trust, and user-generated content are optimal combinations to increase your conversion rate. Definitely work with reviews in your WooCommerce store.

Helpie FAQ – WordPress FAQ Accordion Plugin

wp helpie faq

“An FAQ tab can be created on WooCommerce product pages, and FAQs can be added and edited for individual WooCommerce products. It makes it easy to answer your customers’ most common questions on the product pages themselves.

It can also be used for non-FAQ content for WooCommerce accordion tabs. You can use Helpie FAQ Pro to add FAQs to all WooCommerce products or specific product categories.”

In addition to ratings, Frequently Asked Questions are an excellent way to optimize User-Generated Content for your conversion rate. Collect questions from all your communication channels and prepare them.

WooCommerce Product Enquiry

wp woocommerce product enquiry

“A quick form for product inquiries. The request form is added to the product detail page. Receive emails about inquiries and very easy to customize.

See all your product requests from the admin dashboard at a glance.”

Visitors often have questions about products. With a contact form directly on the product page, your visitors can easily and conveniently ask their questions.

Zendesk Chat

wp zendesk live chat

“Businesses that interact with potential customers online are better able to connect and drive sales. With the Zendesk Chat app, you can answer your customers’ questions in real time and get them to make a purchase.”

Going one step further with customer support are the live chats. With these, you can answer your visitors’ questions directly and live on the website.

Woo Product Table

wp woocommerce product table

“Auto Responsive Mobile & Tab, beautiful design, fast product table for WooCommerce. Easy customizable, Ajax to cart, Ajax search, pagination and more loading. Product table for WooCommerce provides the ability to display all product ads as a table in one page by light shortcode. Fully responsive and mobile friendly. Easily customizable – color, background, title, padding, border, etc.”

Maybe the default category views are not always the best option for your customers. You can use product tables that can significantly simplify orders.

Design Optimization Plugins – Customer Journey & User Experience

Advanced Search Plugin

wp advanced search plugin woocommerce

“Advanced Search Plugin for WooCommerce Improve your users search experience with WooCommerce advanced product search. Search everywhere! Search across all your WooCommerce products. Search in product title, content, excerpt, ID, categories, tags and SKU. Or just in some of them. The PRO version also supports searching in custom taxonomies, custom fields and product attributes.”

Smart WooCommerce Search PRO

wp plugin smart woocommerce search

“Improve customer experience and increase sales with the smart Woocommerce search plugin for WordPress websites. Powerful, amazing and efficient!

With this instant Ajax WooCommerce search plugin, your customers can find any product in your online store. Just enter the desired search term and the plugin will display all WooCommerce products in order.”

Depending on the assortment size, a search is very important. Make it easier for your visitors to find the right products. Also, regularly look at what your visitors are searching for. This will give you ideas for new products and SEO optimization.

WooCommerce Widgets

wp filter widgets plugin

“Filter Products by Attribute and Price”

The Filter Products by Price widget allows customers to refine products by price by dragging the sliders within the widget to create a price range based on the products displayed on the page.

To use the widget, drag it to a widget area like any other widget. It automatically detects the minimum and maximum prices on the current page to fill the slider with values.

Filter Products by Attributes is a powerful widget that allows users: inside to browse your product catalog by attributes to quickly find what they are looking for.”

Already included in WooCommerce are the product filter widgets. Use them for a larger assortment as well. This makes it easier to find the right products quickly.

Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

woocommerce upsell cross sell

“Up-sells and Cross-sells.”

Up-sells are products that you recommend instead of (or in addition to) the currently viewed product.

These are usually products that are more profitable, better quality, or more expensive. Depending on your theme template, these products will be displayed on the individual product page below the product description.

Cross-sells are products that you promote, for example, in the shopping cart, based on the current product.

Usually, these are complementary items. For example, if you’re selling a laptop, cross-sells could be a protective case, stickers, or a special adapter.”

Also included directly in WooCommerce is the functionality to link products. Use this option to increase the average shopping cart value.


WooCommerce Plugins to Optimize Your Marketing

Especially in marketing, there are countless plug-ins and SaaS offers that help you. Besides Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and interactive elements, there are some plug-ins that are less prominent. Nevertheless, these can be essential in your marketing.

The Newsletter Plugin

wp newsletter plugin woocommerce

“The WooCommerce integration connects the newsletter to WooCommerce, the ultra-popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, to automatically subscribe customers and let the conversation begin. Customer segmentation, opt-in / opt-out, subscriber settings, composer block.”

A newsletter is the ideal marketing tool for your conversion rate. Inspire your visitors and offer added value via newsletter. Already have a newsletter? Go one step further with Marketing Automation.

Nelio Testing

wp ab testing nelio

“Red or blue? Square or round? Top or bottom? A/B test everything. Create different WordPress versions and run A/B tests to find out what works best for your audience and improve your conversions. Nelio A/B Testing helps you define, manage and keep track of A/B tests, combined with powerful and beautiful heatmaps. Nelio is also compatible with WooCommerce. In particular, you can test alternative names, featured images, and descriptions for your products and use your orders as conversion actions (so you can make sure a specific product was purchased).”

A/B testing helps you let your visitors choose the best version of your website.

Matomo Analytics

wp matomo analytics

“If you already use Matomo On-Premise (formerly Piwik) or Matomo Cloud, please use the WP-Matomo plugin. For all WordPress website owners looking for an easier way to get customer insights to grow your business, you can now get the solution the pros use, for free! Matomo Analytics is the most widely used Google Analytics alternative that offers a powerful feature set, security and privacy protection for your users. So you can learn how to improve your website, make the right decisions for your business, and stand out from the crowd in a secure and trustworthy way.”

In marketing, the best way to measure the return on your investment is to measure it. Whether it’s Content Marketing, SEA, or other Campaigns, make sure you’re always measuring and optimizing. The best way to do this is through analytics tools like Matomo, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Trust Building

WooCommerce Trust Building Plugins

Only with trust in your WooCommerce store, your products, quality, and brand promise you can increase your conversion rate. So work especially to make sure that your store visitors feel in good hands.

WooCommerce Photo Reviews

wp woocommerce customer reviews pictures

“Photo Reviews for WooCommerce is an ultimate review plugin for WooCommerce that helps you send review reminder emails, allows customers to post reviews with product images and send thank you emails with WooCommerce coupons to customers.”

Reviews are an important trust factor. Increase the authenticity of your customer reviews with pictures. You already know this from Amazon, which offers such added value as well.

Customer Reviews Plugin

wp woocommerce customer reviews

“Send an automated, personalized email reminder to every customer after a transaction – make reviews easier than ever! Enhance WooCommerce’s standard reviews with additional features and reassure your customers by having their questions answered with a Q&A section on product pages. The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you increase engagement, build loyalty, improve SEO, and drive more sales with social proof.”

Especially for ratings, there are many options, plug-ins, and subtle differences. Do you want to do significantly more with your ratings? Take a look at the other available plug-ins.

Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

wp gutenberg testimonials

“Testimonials – Tell users what your customers and clients have to say in the trendy and customizable Testimonial block of Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.”

Do you have famous customers? Show their testimonials directly in your store. Visually highlighted, these are well accentuated and create trust.

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